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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adding a Printer

The question of how do I add a printer comes up once in a while. Here's how I do it.

1. The first step is to get the IP address for the printer you want to add. You can ask your TRT or a colleague. It can be found in System Preferences > Print & Fax > Click on the printer > Options & Supplies. It will look something like and say URL by it.

On the older laser printers we have at FMS you can do this:
- Go to the printer you want to add and press the button on the top that says 'Menu' once to the right until the screen says 'Information Menu'.
- Next press the 'Item' button twice to the right until it says 'Print Configuration'.
- Finally press the 'Select' button. It will print out two sheet with a bunch of diagnostic information on it.
- Look for the part that lists the IP address of the printer. It will look something like

2. Now go back to your computer and go to System Preferences and click on 'Print & Fax'.
3. When this box opens look for the '+' sign toward the bottom left to add a printer. Click on it and another box will open up where you can add some options.
4. You want to look for 'Protocol' and make sure it says 'Internet Printing Protocol'.
5. Under 'Address' type in the IP address from the sheets you printer.
6. In the 'Name' section give the printer a name that you want, like 'Staff Room'.
7. Click 'Add' and you might have to confirm one more screen, but that's it.
8. Print a test page to see if things look right and you're set!

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