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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Share Google Document in Multiple Folders

Today I had a problem to solve and that was how to get one Google document to be in two folders. I wanted to share my Tech Committee minutes with both my Tech Committee and Learning Improvement Team but couldn't find a way to put it in both folders at the same time or create an alias. But Google came to the rescue and I learned that in the new Google Drive in order to move a file you need to do the following:
  • Single-Click on a file to select it.
  • See the Details View and note the file’s current location
  • With the file still selected issue a SHIFT-Z (holding down the Shift key and pressing Z)
  • This opens the Add To dialogue and allows you to choose the folder you wish to add the selected file to
  • Click the Blue Add button to add the file to the chosen folder
  • See the Details View and note the file now has 2 locations for the file

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