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Monday, August 25, 2014

Force Mac to Learn Words

Here's a tip I show my students quite often. When I'm typing and I just can remember how to spell a tough word (or the program I'm using tells me it's wrong and puts the little red line under it) I'll type it anyway and give it my best shot. If the little red line doesn't show up I move on. But if it shows up simply press Control and click on the word (or right-click) and the program will give you options for how to spell the word. Choose the one you want and keep on truckin' (red line under that).

Which leads me to another tip. If you Control-click on a word you can also tell the program to Learn Spelling, which adds it to your word database and it won't turn red in the future. That's handy for your name or other things, like Wenatchee, that certain programs don't recognize. This is a great tip for those kids who just can't figure out how to spell things. I tell them to give it a shot and use the tools available to you to figure it out!

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