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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Transfer Photos - iOS to Mac

Update: Also try to send files (iOS App) Send-Anywhere is much easier and simpler because it doesn't require a login.

Note: This is free today only (11/26/13) but it is in the WSD Filewave server so if you have a WSD iOS device it can be installed by filling out this form.

There are more than a handful of apps that will help you transfer your photos and videos from your iPad to your Mac (and vice versa) but one that's free today might be the best one I've found. My kids need to do this on occasion, especially after we've done some filming and need to do some editing on the Macs in the lab. I've written about a few other options before here but today I came across VideoTransfer by Capable Bits. It only does photos and video but it does them very well and very quickly. You can transfer files by using wifi and an Internet browser or you can send to another device that has VideoTransfer installed on it.

I sent a 90Mb movie from my iPad to my laptop lickety split. It zips up the file and appears where your downloads appear. It fills in a nice gap that Apple seems to overlook, for some reason. You can use AirDrop to send files from iOS to iOS but you usually have to plug into iTunes when using your Mac.

Video Transfer is free and don't have any limits on upload photos or videos on your iPhone from desktop and iOS devices.

Just few features for you (from their iTunes description): 
  1. Really easy to use 
  2. 2 in 1: video and photo transfer 
  3. Very fast 
  4. Background transfer 
  5. Beautiful design 
  6. Lovely support (real people) 
  7. Web access without flash

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