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Monday, August 25, 2014

Grade Bubble Sheets via Smartphone

Update: Quick Key has some new updates including a new look and the ability to import rosters of students.  You can also create reports with a few taps or clicks.

I learned about a cool tool today called Quick Key that allows you to grade bubble sheets via your smartphone. Not only does it do the grading for you but if you've set up your class and added students then it will compile all of your data which you can export into a spreadsheet (and then cut and paste into your gradebook).

I printed off a bubble sheet, filled it in, and scanned it and it worked great. I made an error and didn't have all of the bubbles filled in and it wouldn't record my score but once I completed the sheet it scanned it, no problem. The bubble sheets you print off from their website are generic, meaning they are all the same no matter how many questions you have.

I see this as a great tool to help speed up the grading process. Plus, the cool factor is high.

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