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Monday, August 25, 2014

Getting Tech Support

Update: As of 2/25/2011 you can now request Tech Help from home from both TRTs and TSSs, but remember that you might not get a response until the next working day. From Dave Yancey, "If requests are made after hours/weekends, they will not be responded to until the next working day."

There is a difference between the Tech support help within the building. The TRT is the Technology Resource Teacher, which at FMS is Ray Birks. The TSS (formerly the TRA) is also known as the Technical Support Specialist and at FMS that is Paul Appel. Also, a reminder to that if you need Tech help you are required to put in a Tech Request. This helps maintain our communication and paper trail.

Here's the point of this post. If you are at home and you're trying to put in a request for the TSS for help you won't be able to (yes, you will. See the update above and ignore the rest of this email. Just leaving it here for posterity). The request form has been moved to a different server behind a firewall to avoid robot computers (yep...robots are taking over) from spamming our forms. Bad people set up their computers to search for forms on the web and and spam those forms with their information. So, wait until you get to school to contact the TSS. But you can still contact the TRT anytime day or night. But remember that our response time is supposed to be only during our contracted time.

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