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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Converting PDFs to Docs

** Update: Check out this blog post about Zamzar for converting PDFs to Docs. **

A colleague asked me if I knew a good program that would accurately convert a PDF document to a Word doc so she could upload it for collaboration to Google Docs. I tried a few applications but most of them either had a trial version that only did part of the document or left a watermark on the pages. The best one cost $118 so I kept searching for a better option.

After some Google-ing and stumbling around the Internet I came across a post that suggested this website. I uploaded the somewhat complex PDF and in about 30 seconds it spit out a link that I could use to download my Word doc. Very slick. It's in a zip file (just double-click to open it) and the original PDF that was 180kb was increased to 2.4mb and saved as an rtf (rich-text format). But resaving it as a doc reduced it to 800kb, much more manageable.

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