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Monday, August 25, 2014

Story Starters

Scholastic has a great website that includes a Story Starters Machine and it's great for getting your students started writing a story. The first screen presents them with the option to choose which type of story they want to write (adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, or scrambler). Then they put in their name and grade level. Next the machine is available and they push the 'Spin' button to reveal what their writing prompt will be. It can be fine-tuned after by individually pressing the 'Spin this Wheel' buttons on the bottom.

Next Story Starters gives them an option for what format they want the story to be (newspaper, postcard, notebook, letter) and space to write the story. What's cool is that it also has a built-in drawing tool so kids can add images to their writing. Finally there is an option to print or download the image as a pdf. This would be a great tool for younger kids and the grade range goes all the way to 6th grade.

I tested it and it even works on iPads.

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