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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toss URL into Mail

I don't like to waste time. It's part of my nature so I'm always looking for keyboard shortcuts and here's a neat one. If you are browsing the web using Chrome or Safari and come across a web site that you want to share just press Commannd + Shift + I (the letter eye) and it will open up Mail, toss the link in there, throw in a subject, and place the cursor in the To line. "Excellent, Smithers. Release the hounds!"

I'm tacking another one on here I just found. Sometimes when you try to maximize a window by pressing the green circle on the top left it will only maximize it for part of the window. Annoying! I didn't press the 'maximize it a little bit' button. But if you hold down Shift and press the green circle it will maximize to the max.

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