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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

If It's Too Loud...

Awhile back I wrote about an app called Too Loud? that allows you to measure the noise volume in your classroom so students can see visually if they are being too loud (or too quiet? Does that ever happen?) Today I found a cool website called that does the same thing but in a more visually stimulating way. You have to see if to understand it but basically you get either bouncy balls, emojis, bubbles, or eyeballs that fill up your screen and bounce up and down based on the noise volume in your classroom. It's one of those things I know elementary kids will love and middle to high school kids will appreciate too because it will bring out their inner child. Give it a bounce!

It doesn't seem to work on the iPad but it does use the accelerometer and make the bouncy balls roll all over the place.

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