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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Save the World...and Learn

I've always appreciated websites like that not only help kids to learn but also help them to learn to help others by donating grains of rice for every correct answer. But it's online only and there's no iPad app for it. But a new app I just read about called Sproutster HD helps kids to learn the spellings of 3-5 letter words and also donates rice to the UN World Food Program. Here's a blurb from their app description:

All the proceeds from advertising are donated to the UN World Food Program to feed malnourished kids. In Sproutster, you’re a little sprout-dude who is running around catching falling raindrop letters. After you spell a word in your bucket, you dump it on a rice plant and the plant sprouts a word leaf. You travel the world growing rice and we donate the rice you grow to feed real kids. The more you play, the more we donate!

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