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Monday, August 25, 2014

Cool Technology Tools

I'm at NCCE this week and here are some of the Cool Tools I've been introduced to:

Here's a TON that Ron blogged about while virtually attending "30 Tools in 60"

The following were shared by Tammy Worcester
  • Certificate Creator - exactly as it sounds, easy way to make certificates for a variety of classes and activities
  • Class Dojo - this tool allows you to import your list of kids and keep a running total of their behavior during a particular time frame by pressing a + or - next to their name (you can also use a mobile app), at the end of your time frame you can get a good read on who was on and off task, you get pie charts and percentages, and the ability to send all of the data to parents via email
  • DrawzIt - an online painting/drawing tool, students can draw then share to the world with an URL
  • JamStudio - same idea as DrawzIt but with music
  • Vocaroo - this is a voice recording tool that also gives you a URL to share, a great use for this would be to have kids orally assess something, send you the URL of their recording, then you could go to the Vocaroo site and listen to all of them for easy grading
  • RecordMP3 - another audio recording tool
  • TodaysMeet - instant online chat room that gets deleted later, obvious collaboration tool
  • ScribbleMaps - allows students to mark up a Google Map, share and send
  • Here's a bunch more from her website - I didn't get to try them all

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