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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What are Podcasts?

Any why should I care about them?

A podcast is a digital file that is released periodically that you can listen to on your computer, iPod, or mp3 player. There are podcasts on just about any subject you could imagine and they're really easy to download and listen to. For example, I like to listen to Mac Tech Tips so I subscribe to The The Mac Observer's Mac Geek podcast. Every week they release about an hour-long show that details a lot of great information about Macs.

I also like NPR's Live Concerts and also Wait, Wait, Do't Tell Me so I subsribe to them , download them, and listen to them whenever I want. They are great for long car rides.

The easiest way to subscribe to them is through iTunes. Open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store. Look for the tab or link for Podcasts within the iTunes store window and click on it. From here you can either search in the search bar up on the top right or just browse through all the offerings to find what you want. After you find something click on it and find the 'Subscribe' button. Once you subscribe not only do you get all of the future episodes but you can go back and download any of the old podcasts that are available.

Click on the iTunes link on the sidebar of iTunes and you'll see all of your podcasts along with the option to download as many as your heart desires. Plus, you too can make your own podcast and get it put on the iTunes page. Your kids will love making podcasts in Garage Band and making them available to the world!

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