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Monday, August 25, 2014

Kids Creating Assessments - FlipQuiz

Update: FlipQuiz just made some stability and interface updates and it's a pretty neat looking system.  One of the big features, that requires you to pay $7/mo, is the ability to automatically keep track of teams' scores.  But that's easy enough to do without paying the cashola.

Having kids create their own assessments is a great way to see if they have learned what you've taught but most times kids don't want to create tests. But having them create games is usually more appealing since they have a true peer audience right in their class. I've written about JeopardyLabs and Google Sheets before when it comes to creating Jeopardy-like games but I recently learned about a new free service called FlipQuiz that allows teachers and students to quickly create online Jeopardy games.

I signed up for an account in about 30 seconds and was creating a game shortly thereafter. If kids don't have an email address the teacher could create a dummy account since the service did not ask for verification or use an email service that creates short-term email addresses, like

Here is a sample Jeopardy game created on FlipQuiz

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