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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emailing Pages Files

Note: If you don't have the current version of Pages '09 you can get a copy by contacting your TRT.

Often I'm working in a Microsoft Word document or a iWork '09 Pages document and I want to share it with my colleagues but don't want to save it, open my email program, open a new email, dig out the attachment, and send it. Here's a quick way to email it. In Word go to File > Send to... > Mail Recipient (as attachment). Word will open up your email program (Mail or Entourage) and the email will pop up with the attachment ready to send. Enter your recipients and send away.

If you are using Pages '09 you have even more options. To send a document go to Share > Send via Mail and then choose Pages, Word, or PDF. Even if you are using Pages you can send your document as a Microsoft Word document or a PDF. Pretty slick.

If you are using Pages '08 you can go to File > Export and save it in the format you want, then email it the old-fashioned way.

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