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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Help Students Learn Code

Here's a very neat program created by called Hour of Code. It's designed to get kids interested in learning to write code through a series of videos and interactive coding sessions. I remember my first exposure to coding way back in middle school and I loved it. We spent a whole six weeks programming our computer in Basic and at the very end we pressed Enter and watched our names scroll up the screen. I was amazed. I even made some rudimentary games using Basic and also copied code from magazines to make others. I still love it when I get to dig into some web page code or write my own. If you have kids who are interested in video games creation or computers then this might be a great use of your time to start a fire. There is also a neat Angry Birds code writing challenge here.

Here's another great resource from iLearn Technology that has 30 more resources about coding

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