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Monday, August 25, 2014

ShowMe Creation App

Here's a cool iPad App called ShowMe that gives you (and your students) a blank slate to create on. It lets you import photos, draw on a blank template, and more importantly record your voice as you're creating. After you're done creating you can share it in multiple ways but their iTunes store site does a pretty good job of explaining things:

  • Easily explain a range of topics from math to chemistry to music theory to basket weaving.
  • Add ShowMe’s to your Do-It-Yourself blog
  • Attach a personal message to any travel photos you want to share
  • Diagram offensive and defensive strategies for sports
  • Grade student work with commentary explaining the reasoning behind their performance
  • Use ShowMe as an interactive whiteboard substitute
  • Implement a “flipped classroom”
  • Showcase your ShowMe’s online at and share your knowledge with your students, friends, family, or the world!
  • Voice-record
  • Multiple brush colors
  • Pause and erase
  • Import images
  • Unlimited lesson length
  • Free to upload to to share your recordings with friends
  • Easy embedding for sharing anywhere

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