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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Amazing Google Tools

Google does some amazing things with it's "spare time". Besides hosting our email and doing a bajillion searches for us the also provide us with free apps for education and...oh...they are attempting to map the whole world. One of their neatest ventures is Street View, which allows you to view many of the major cities around the world at street level (even some streets in Wenatchee). Their latest trip is down the Amazon River to map out the ever-shrinking rainforest in an attempt to raise awareness and conservation.

Here is a snippet from
Now, (Google) plans to send its street-view cameras on tricycles down dirt trails, and even mount them on boats to capture on-the-ground pictures.
Google also will rely on the aid of local people to add details that only they would know, such as well-traveled paths or far-flung villages. The tech giant plans to work with Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, a non-profit organization backed by the Brazilian government that works to conserve the forest and improve the livelihood of communities who live there.

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