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Friday, August 29, 2014

Zamzar for File Conversions

Update: Zamzar also has a web browser button that sits inside your web browser that allows you to convert files from a website at the click of a button. Or if you are on a website like YouTube and you want to save a video then Zamzar will help you do just that.

I unabashedly stole this one from Ron.

Zamzar is a website that allows you to convert a file to a different format (PDF to Doc, anyone?) and also allows you to download videos and save them to your computer. Need a YouTube video at school but don't want to rely on streaming it over the Internet? Let Zamzar download it for you and show it from your Desktop. Too cool for school, unless you're a geeky middle school teacher.

The neat thing about Zamzar is you can save your documents or videos into multiple formats. And when I say multiple formats I mean a TON of formats. There are 30 document formats available and 15 image formats. I didn't even know that many existed. 19 video formats too for iPad, iPod, etc.

What Zamzar does is take your file (or a file from a URL) and converts it for you, then sends you an email with a link (I think to avoid robots, yes robots, submitting a whole bunch of files automatically). You click on the link and it takes you back to Zamzar to download your file.

One note: after using Zamzar to convert a PDF to a Doc I noticed the file size went from 2.5Mb to 10Mb. Ouch. But Zamzar also has a free service that let's you email files up to 100Mb. So if you need to email something that might be the way to go. In our district if you're emailing something bigger than 2Mb you're pushing the limits.

Check out Zamzar here

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