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Monday, August 25, 2014

Quill - Online Grammar Activities

Update on the Update: I contacted the developers and they assured me they were having problems but they are fixed and their service should work on iPads.

Update: We've tried this a few times on the iPad without a lot of success. Students can login but the activities don't display, even after we cleared Cookies and other data. It was hit and miss.

I've been on the prowl this year for grammar activities that I can use with my students. NoRedInk is a pretty good one as is Membean. Another one I read about today over at is called Quill. It's sorta like virtual grammar worksheets and the nice thing about it is it's free and open-source, which means you can share their stuff at will.

A teacher can create a free account and easily add classes. Students can login without an email address and enter the class code to be added to your course. You assign your students grammar activities based on Common Core standards and they do the worksheets and see their results. It's a good way to focus on in certain activities you know students might be struggling with and approach grammar in a less-threatening way.

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