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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Okay. I'm in love with DropBox. I wrote about it here and finally started using it this last week and it is great. My kids have been turning in assignments using DropItToMe and it couldn't be simpler or as effective. One example is I needed a hotel reservation to take on a trip and I had it on my computer. I didn't want to print it but wanted it to be readily available. I simply Dropped it into DropBox and BOOM it's on my phone. Sweetness!

So then I got to thinking of different ways you can add files to your DropBox and thought it'd be cool if you could email a file and add it to your box. Well, a few Google clicks later and I found Send to Dropbox. Sign up and you get a unique email address. Add that to your Address Book and whenever you have a file that you want to add to your DropBox just make sure you send it to that email address too. Makes me think, "What else is out there?"

Answering my question above: I found a site called JotForm that allows you to add a piece of javascript code to iWeb to embed your own DropItToMe on your web page so students don't have to use a password. It's probably going to get spammed and I've sent three documents but none of them have made it to my DropBox yet. Waiting...waiting...

Another cool little app (for those that just can't wait the extra two seconds for a folder to open...that's me) is called DropLink. It's an app that allows you to simply drop a file onto its icon in the doc and it puts it in your DropBox. I'm not one that likes a cluttered dock so we'll see how long this one lasts, but it's a cool idea.
  • For those that use the Dashboard here is a DropBox widget
  • Want to synchronize your GoogleDocs and DropBox? Try CloudHQ. (15-day free
  • FileStork is actually pretty cool. It's similar to but it allows you to create a customizable email that gets sent to a bunch of people requesting them to send you their files via FileStork's website.

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