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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Flubaroo - Grade Assessments in Google Docs

Most times I just like technology but today I love technology. My latest goto source for tips is FreeTech4Teachers and today's tip is awesome. A while back I wrote about grading quizzes within a Google Spreadsheet and it looked like a cool idea, although a bit cumbersome to set up. But today I learned about a script you can install in your Google Docs that will grade the assessments for you without all of the cumbersome setup! Awesome. You don't have to write any formulas, just create your form, gather your data, and run the script. I haven't poked around at Google Scripts before but I sure will be now. Oh, and it's free.

It supposed to work in any web browser, but you might have issues with Firefox. I used Google Chrome and it worked flawlessly. Make sure you follow all of the directions here to download the script and test spreadsheet.

Here is the link at FreeTech4Teachers. And here is the link on Flubaroo's site that gives you the directions.

Check out the hook while the DJ revolves it (or just watch the video below)

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