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Monday, August 18, 2014

Easily Control iTunes

Edit: the program below is no longer available but I'm recommending ByteControl as a great, free alternative.

I always have my iTunes running and have a little program called YouControlTunes that puts a little control bar up top so I can change songs, etc, without having to open iTunes. I like the YouControlTunes option because it also puts up the name and title of the song in a little window on your screen for a few seconds.

It was blocked for a while but I think it's open now. Give it a shot.

Also if you don't want to install the software you can right-click on the iTunes icon in the dock and from there you have options to go the next song, repeat, rate songs, and more.

So it got me to start right-clicking on other icons in the Dock and I found out you can also Get Mail, Create a New Mail Message/Note from there too. In System Preferences you can jump right to the section you want.

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