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Monday, August 18, 2014

Google Tools for Teaching and Learning

Another course from NCCE by Tammy Worcester called Google Tools for Teaching and Learning.

Google Tools
  • Google Voice Search - look for the microphone, unique to Chrome web browser
  • Can filter results by Reading Level - click on More Search Tools on the left side
  • Recipes filter - search for chicken and click on recipes, lets you add other ingredients and it narrows down the search for recipes only with those ingredients
  • Fun Google searches - do a barrel roll or search for askew
  • drag an image into the search bar and Google will search for all the websites that contain that picture, helpful for finding the origin of a picture or who is in a picture
  • Google - What do you Love? - searches for a topic and brings in a bunch of media around your search (search for pizza)
  • Blogger - blogging tool with lots of nice features, easy to embed lots of things, she demoed embedding Vocaroo (online sound recording tool)
  • Google Maps - can embed a map into Blogger
  • Google Distance Measurement Tool - click on a map and it will show the distance you have traveled
  • Use a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of lesson plans and then embed that spreadsheet into your blog
  • Using Google's 'Publish to the Web' feature a lot to embed content into Blogs and websites
  • Use Google Form to gather parent data at beginning of year (phone numbers and emails)
  • Google Alerts - Google Alerts are email updates on the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.
  • Google Language Translator - listen to them after they are translated, also app for iOS devices

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