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Monday, August 18, 2014

Great App for Lists

Any app that can bring families closer together is great by me. AnyList is one of those apps and although I've used 'list' apps before this one just does it right. What it allows you to do is create lists and then share those lists with other people. For example we have one for shopping that my wife and I can both add to. Then whomever is lucky enough to be at the store can just look at the app and see what needs to be bought.

We also used it while packing for our Memorial Day Weekend camping trip and whenever something made it's way into the van we just checked it off the list. Then it disappears (or has a red line through it on the other person's list). I also like it because too many times I'm trying to make a list for the store and can't remember the things I knew we needed four days ago. Another great feature is that it syncs with your Reminders app so you can add things to a list by using Siri. Their FAQ has a lot of great information.

This app makes life easier. Jetsons here we come!

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