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Monday, August 18, 2014

Kahoot! for Online Assessment

My last blog post was about QuizBean, which allows you to assess students by posting a pic with multiple choice questions below it. Another useful tool for assessing and also surveying (think Socrative or Infuse) is called Kahoot!. What Kahoot! does is allow you to create online quizzes, surveys, ask questions and do game-based learning in a social setting. The neat thing about Kahoot is that it allows students to respond from a web browser via a pin that that you get when you create a quiz. So students can be on any device that is web-enabled.

I created a quick True/False quiz on my laptop and tried it on my iPad and the amazing thing to me was the speed of the reponse between the two. When I "joined" the game it automatically showed up on my iPad and the same when I responded to my True/False quiz. You can also download your results into an Excel file. Accounts are free for educators so give it a whirl and get in Kahoot(s)! Your students can also create free accounts and create their own quizzes, which is a great way for them to extend their learning.

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