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Monday, August 25, 2014

Laser Pointer on iPad

One trick I know you can use with Keynote is to bring up a laser pointer on the screen by pressing and holding your finger on your iPad when you're in presentation mode. This will show a red dot like a laser pointer would, on your screen. It got me wondering if there was another app that would do the same thing but in different apps besides Keynote. I found Pointer in the App Store and it works like I wanted it, with some limitations

For example, it allows you to use the pointer in a web browser (it also has a draw feature) but if you want to do it in another document, like Pages, you have to go to Pages and send the document to Pointer. What I wish is that I could have it running in the background on any app and I could use some gesture to get it to turn on when I wanted, but that might not be possible with the way the iOS is setup. But if I was giving a presentation outside of Keynote I would definitely use this app.

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