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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Quick Navigation Tips

This is probably the most favorite shortcut that I've ever learned, Apple + Tab. When you press the Apple key and hold it down and then press the Tab button all of the programs that you currently have open will appear. Continuing to press the Tab key will cycle through all of those programs. When you get to the program you want to view just let go of the Apple key and it will open up.

Not only is this a quick way to bounce back and forth between programs but you can also quit a program by pressing 'Q' when you select the program you want to close (while still holding down the Apple key). Give it a shot. I use this about 200 times a day when I want to quickly move between email, Internet, grades, and whatever else I've got open. Once you learn to use it effectively it will add hours to your life ;o) No more using that awkward mouse. So stop minimizing windows into the dock in order to switch between programs and use Apple + Tab.

A further tip: if you have two instances of the same program open (like two Word documents or two web pages) you can flip back and forth between those by pressing Apple + ` (the key just left of the number 1). Got two tabs open in Firefox? Flip between them by pressing Control + Tab. Who knew the Tab button was so useful?

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