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Monday, August 18, 2014

Storytelling for the YouTube Generation

I'm taking a fast-paced class by Steve Dembo called Storytelling for the YouTube Generation. Here are some notes:

  • vimp - build it yourself YouTube, free way to create your own YouTube website
  • AFI Digital Education - traditional story telling
  • Discovery Education - free sound effects (search, there are 3,000)
  • Great Quote - "I do not give assignments, I give them creative briefs."
  • typography videos - Motion typography (or kinetic typography) refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. (example, use Wordle to create a music video)
  • WeVideo - free online video editing like J-Cut used to have. Why use an online video editor? Kids can finish their work at home. Many cool features. You can save a certain amount of video online (or save them to YouTube and then download them).
  • Igniter Media - a social network Christmas
  • MyFakeWall - allows you to create a fake Facebook wall for use in video
  • Google Search Stories Creator - YouTube
  • The Gregory Brothers - great examples of remixing videos

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