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Monday, August 11, 2014

Timeline Tools

I wrote awhile back about the Chronozoom tool from Microsoft which allows you to make sweet timelines online. Today I read about the free RWT Timeline iOS app from Read Write Think and was excited about the prospects for Language Arts and Social Studies. It's a great app for Social Studies for obvious reasons but also great for Language Arts for learning about Story Elements and sequence of events.

The free app allows you to create your own profile and then a timeline. You give it a name, tap on the line, enter your text, choose a picture, and BAM it shows up. From there you can continue to add events, move them around, and finally hit Finish. One cool feature is you can also email the timeline as a PDF. The other neat thing about RWT Timeline is that you don't need to put dates on the timeline, which makes it great for sequencing. It's about time!

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