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Monday, August 18, 2014

Word Clouds Galore

Word Clouds are great tools to use with kids or to show groups trends in a website or information they have submitted. I wrote about a few tools here called Wordle and ABCYa. At NCCE I found a couple more tools. One is called Tagxedo and a neat thing about it, and I haven't played with it a ton so I know it does a lot more than I am writing about, is that you can create a Word Cloud based on a shape, like a bird or a heart.

So your Word Cloud based on a theme can have a theme based on your Word Cloud. Huh? Another one that does something similar is called Tagul. But...Tagul requires a login, which requires an email address. If kids don't have an email address but want a temporary one that only receives email they can use something like Dispostable or Mail Catch.

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