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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Apple Mail and Address Book

If you're using Apple Mail you're also using Address Book, whether you know it or not. Address Book stores all of the contacts that Apple Mail uses when you send emails. If you've created a group, for example FMS Math Team, and you want to share that with others here's what to do.

In Address Book click on the group and drag it and drop it onto the Apple Mail icon in your dock. Mail will open a new email and drop the group into the email as an attachment. Send it to whomever you wish. On the recipients end all they have to do is drag it from the email into the open Address Book window (or onto the icon in the dock) and it will be added as a group in their book. Yes, Apple, yes. Good job.

Want to share multiple emails that are not in a group? Apple has done a good job here too. Simply Command-click on the contacts you want to share and drag them to the Desktop or into an email. From there send them in an email. When the person on the other end imports them as described above they will show up as individual contacts within Address Book.

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