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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Collaborative Whiteboards

Further Update: Although this app does a nice job of letting kids collaborate I found another called Bai Board that blows the doors off of this one. I'm not saying this won't meet your needs but Bai Board has a lot more features, and it's free too.

Update: My kids used this today in class and they love it. It's super easy for students to link their iPads and start drawing together. When they open the app and press the 'friend' button, for lack of a better term, it grabs the name of their iPad and throws it onto the screen. Other students who have the app open just tap on their name and they're instantly able to draw on the same screen. Pretty cool.

I'm always on the hunt for ways my kids can collaborate digitally. One I just read about is called Whiteboard Lite. What it allows your students to do is connect over wifi and collaboratively draw on the same screen. There is a Pro version for $0.99 that removes the ads. Here are a few items from their iTunes page:
  • Create unique collaborative art.
  • When one person's artistic skills aren't quite enough, combine your painting abilities with Whiteboard!
  • Easy-to-use paint- or graffiti-like interface.
  • Two devices can draw on the same canvas simultaneously.
  • Bonjour wireless networking, both over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth peer-to-peer.
  • Full-screen drawing.
  • Adjustable marker width.
  • "Brush" Preview to see what you're getting before you start sketching.

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