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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Best Wifi Location

This cool app, called Net Spot, is one I heard about on a Mac podcast. What it does is show you the best place to receive a wireless signal in your house, apt, building, etc. What you do is draw out your space and give the length and width of the area you want to survey. Then choose your wireless network and walk around to a bunch of different points and mark them like GPS waypoints. The app scans the strength of your network in various places and the result is a pretty cool map showing the 'hotspots' or best places to plop down and surf.

The outcome is something like the map below which shows the best reception, in red, closest to the two Macs that are sending out the signals. I'm interested to try it at school to see if there are any dead spots or places where routers could be moved to maximize their reach. I tried it at my mom's tiny houseboat and the best spot was on the couch, right where I was plopped.

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