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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Global Closet Calculator

This tip is from Free Tech 4 Teachers - by Richard Byrne

The Global Closet Calculator is a great tool to show your students where all of their stuff comes from in relation to everyone else who has wondered the same thing. The tool is easy to use and the kids get to create their own cartoon-like avatar (character) before they start plotting out things on the map. Before they get started have them gather a quick list from their closet of home that contains the type of item (tops, bottoms, shoes and other, which includes sports equipment and ties). They also need to check the tag to find out where it was made. Then they go to the Global Closet Calculator and enter their information.

The first feedback they get shows their location and the location of where all of their stuff is from. Next they can check where everyone else's stuff is from on an easy to read map. It is a great discussion starter for shopping locally and movement of goods around the world. Check it out! It's also similar to this tool I wrote about a little while ago called GmapGIS.

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