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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Downloading YouTube Videos

Sometimes you want to download a video from YouTube to use in your classroom, either because you want it to be reliable and not have to stream, to use in a presentation, or your wifi signal is slow or weak. A site I've visited in the past called does a good job and gives you lots of options for the output file. Today I learned of a Chrome extension called Chrome YouTube Downloader that does the same thing. It's nice because I use Chrome as my main browser and because it doesn't support Java every time I want to download a video I've had to jump over to Safari. Not a big deal, but still slower. The Chrome extension puts a little button on your YouTube video page that when pressed will automatically start to download the video. Easy cheesy. It gave me the options below for file formats when I just searched for a simple biking video.

It was a little tough getting the extension installed and what we figured our was that you have to download the extension, open up your Chrome Extensions window, and drag and drop the extension onto that window. It will ask you to install and you're good to go. As of 3/8/13 version 2.6.15 was the latest version (download below). You can always click here to get the latest version.

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