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Monday, August 18, 2014

Easy Online Screen Sharing

Awhile back I wrote about Screenleap, which allows you to share your computer screen with others via a URL. Basically, you go to and get a URL. Send that to others and they can follow along with what's happening on your screen. I tried it in my Tech class with a mix of old eMacs and new iMacs and it worked well on the newer machines, with a lag of only a few seconds, but was painfully slow on the eMacs, with at least a 30 second lag.

But today I found a new option called Mikogo. Same idea but instead of going to a website you download software to your computer, then the people who want to view go to and enter a passkey and their name. Give it a shot and if you have success with it on a large scale, say 20-30 computers, let me know. I'll be trying it with my class and their iPads soon too!

One funky thing is when I started up the software it was in Arabic, which I think is the first language in their index. I just had to go into the preferences and find my way through some Arabic to change it to English.

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