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Monday, August 18, 2014

File Transfer - iOS to Mac

Update: I've used this app quite a bit over the last few weeks and really like it. I also learned that it doesn't use wifi or bluetooth, so it must upload/download files to their server. I mainly envision using this to transfer files from an iPad to a Mac in the computer lab so I tried a 30mb movie file and it moved over fine.

I've done a number of posts on getting files to transfer between devices, and honestly I'm excited for iOS 7 which is supposed to have this functionality built right in, but in the meantime I'm always looking for options. I found one today from that does the trick very well. It's called DeskConnect. You'll need a copy of the software on your Mac and the app on your iOS device and you'll have to create an account but from there things are pretty straightforward.

On the mac just drag a file up into the taskbar to the DeskConnect icon and it sends it to all of your devices you have enabled. On your iOS you can either move files from the app (photos) or in some cases by using Open In... from an app like Pages.

It also does things like allow you to send a phone number from your Mac to your phone and it will automatically dial the number. To initiate a call go to you Address Book and click on the word Mobile or Home next to the number and choose "Call with DeskConnect". It does the same thing with a Map and URLs. With maps all you have to do is have a Google Map open on your Mac, click on the DeskConnect icon in the taskbar and choose the iOS device. The map will automatically open on that device.

I tried it out and it worked very well. It's actually kinda fun. I wish it would send multiple files at the same time but I'm not shaking my fist at something that's free!

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