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Monday, August 11, 2014

Flippity for Flashcards

I read about a great online flashcard at Free Technology for Teachers tool called Flippity. I tried it out and it is very simple and straightforward. The thing I think I like best about Flippity is that when I update the cards on my Google Sheet they are automatically updated for the kids. With a big emphasis on academic vocabulary these days I see this as a great tool for students to learn the words they need to learn.

The following is from Free Technology for Teachers

Flippity is a free tool for creating flashcards from data in a Google Spreadsheet. Flippity provides clear directions for the simple steps to take to create your flashcards. To create your flashcards use the Flippity template, enter your data, publish the spreadsheet to the web, then grab your Flippity link. Your Flippity link will take you to a Flippity page on which you and your students can flip through your flashcards. Flippity includes a shuffle function and an option to remove cards from your deck of flashcards as you flip through them.

I've written about using flashcards before, specifically the Flashcards* app. I still like this one but as far as simplicity is concerned the Google option might be better.

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