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Monday, August 11, 2014 - Voice Comments in Google Drive

Update: has been renamed 121writing

Here's a cool tool from that allows you to add voice comments to a Google Doc. You've always been able to add a text comment to a Google Doc so that others can see what you think about a particular part of the document. By using you can now add your voice. I can see this as a quick and easy way to give great feedback to students on their work.

Simply visit the website and and click the "Connect to Google Drive" button. It will ask you for permission to access your Google Account. Accept the permission. Now when you right-click on a document in your Google Drive you should see an option under "Open with..." that says "Voice Comments". If you don't see this then choose the "Connect More Apps" link option and enable it there.

When you choose Voice Comments the document will open up and give you the option to select a section of text and record your voice as a comment. Don't forget to click on "Share with Collaborators" after making your voice recording. When a collaborator opens the shared document and clicks on "Comments" next to the Share button they will see a link to your voice recordings.

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