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Monday, August 11, 2014

Mirror Display

This app is a great one and I was happy to pay $1.99 for it. It's called Mirror Display and you can get it in the app store. You also need to have OSX Version 10.5 in order to run it. What it does is it allows you to project your screen to another computer (or device) simply by opening the software and telling someone else a URL. This would be great if you're giving a presentation or showing someone how to use a piece of software. They won't be able to see your mouse but they can see everything else that's happening on your screen.

The description in iTunes says you can connect 5-10 computers or devices simultaneously (don't know why it wouldn't be an exact amount). I tried it with my iPhone and it worked great and there was less than a second lag between an action on my laptop and what I was seeing on my phone. The thing I don't know is will it let someone not on your network or connected via ethernet see your screen. Time to test it. And it does not work unless the other device is either on the same ethernet network or wifi as your computer.

Overall, this is a lovely little app that does what it advertises.

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