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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sending Large Files

DropIr is a great way to share large files. With a free account (that I didn't really even sign up for) you can send files up to 25mb (that's pretty big). Simply go to their website, drag and drop your file onto the box, and they give you a link that you can do with what you want. There are options to post it to Facebook, Twitter, straight to your clipboard (to drop into an email), an embed code so you can put it on a website, or an email button that opens up your email client with the link automatically put into the body of the email. Very cool. I tried it with a couple of files and images and it worked great.

Check It Out Here and it seems that when you find one of these a bunch more pop up. Here another called Just Beam It. Same idea but it requires the other person to download the file immediately and you have to keep your browser open.

Another one I just discovered is called Paste Link and it's super simple. Drag and drop your file, then copy the URL.

Update: Been using Droplr for a few months now and every time I use I love it more. I signed up for a free account and they gave me 1gb free storage and a nice online interface to manage the stuff I've dropped. 1Gb isn't much these days but I think Droplr has bigger plans so I'll drink the Kool-Aid for now.

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