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Monday, August 11, 2014

Easy Grade Pro Toolbar

Easy Grade Pro has a handy tool bar at the top (first screenshot below) where you can put some shortcuts to speed up your grading life. A few times a year I get the question about how to change those little icons to different features. It's not terribly obvious. If you click your mouse on one of the icons or in the grey space next to them and HOLD your mouse for a few seconds a window will pop up. In this box you can choose to add a certain tool or choose "None" on the bottom to remove ones you don't want.

The same idea applies to the little information bar directly above the first student's name (second screen shot below). By default you get the number of students, missing assignments, and overall score. If you click and hold on that bar you can change those to any number of informational items like student number, phone number, grades, birth date, and much more.

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