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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Add an Outlet

This was pretty geeky, I know, but well worth it and I was smiling the whole time. I saw these e-outlets online and knew I had to get one for myself. So I snuck out to Lowe's and picked one up for $20. It took a screwdriver and about ten minutes to install and I was in heaven. I could now plug in two devices via USB and still have room for a regular outlet (for my laptop). How many more of these can I sneak into our house before the wife finds out? It even has a little green light on it that tells you when your device (or bike light, or Kindle, or iPhone, or...) is all done charging. "Or" is a good thing!

You might be asking, "Why all the trouble?" Well, the configuration of outlet and desk that we had made it very awkward to plug the big Apple charger into the wall and still have space for the desk so I needed something more streamlined. It wasn't just pure geekery. Or was it? Don't have to answer that one.

Update: I plugged in my iPad and it said it wouldn't charge this device, I think because the voltage (watts? amp? kilojoules? gigawatts?) was probably too low and Apple wants their devices to give the sense that they charge quickly. But it charged no problem. My iPhone did too.

Further Update: If you're not into hard-wiring the outlet into your wall because you fear zapping yourself into the great server farm in the sky then you can buy outlets that just plug into your existing outlet, it'll just stick out a bit farther, which is the reason I wanted to replace the existing one we had.

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