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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

iCal (Calendar) Alarms

One of my favorite and most used programs on my Mac is iCal (right behind Chrome, Apple Mail, and iTunes). Not only does it allow me to do my lesson planning and keep parents and students informed but it keeps me updated of all the meetings and let's me know when I have a meeting and also tells me what time I might have a meeting and if that meeting interferes with any other meetings I might be have. Can you tell I have meetings?

One of the most useful features of iCal is the ability to have a little pop-up box appear on your screen reminding you when you have something you need to attend to. When you create an event you can turn the 'alarm' feature on that allows you to have a pop-up reminder, an email sent to you, or iCal will even open an application. If you really wanted to get serious you could have iCal open up iTunes and play a certain song. that too geeky? Don't answer that.

You can also use iCal to invite people to your events. You can either type their name in the little 'attendees' box or drag their contact or a group from Address Book. If they are an iCal user it will show up in their iCal and give them a reminder too. Now if it could just grade formative assessments. If there's something I know I need to remember and I won't be near my computer I'll have iCal send me text to my phone even if my computer is not that's cool. I think.

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