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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Power Cord Clip Thingy

I'm talking 'bout that little tiny u-shaped piece of plastic that is attached to your power cable. What the heck is that for? Well, there are a couple of reasons it lives there.

1. It helps to maintain the life of your power cord. How, you ask? If you move it all the way up to the male end of your cord, then take about three inches of cord and make a loop, then tuck that loop into the little cord keeper then it will keep you cord at a 90-degree angle. Not only does this preserve your cord at a place that usually gets a lot of stress but it is the first release point if someone tugs on (or trips over) your power cord.

2. Secondly, if you are unplugging your machine for transport you can wrap the cord around the main white body and then use the little cord keeper to keep the last wrapped up bit in place.

Now, sleep soundly knowing that you have another worthless bit of information stuffed deep into the recesses of your brain.

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