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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Use Spotlight for Search and More!

There's kind of a cool way to search for stuff on your Mac and also open files and applications. If you're like me and you hate using your mouse because it just seems so tedious (I know, it's not really...but it IS!) then this will be a lifesaver for you. Up in the right-hand corner of your Mac is a little magnifying glass called the Spotlight. Not only can you use that to search for files or applications. on your computer but it is also a handycalculator and dictionary.

But what I've started using it for lately is OPENING files and applications, not just finding them. If you have a file you want to open and you know any part of the name simply go to the Spotlight (here's a cool shortcut...Command + Spacebar) and start typing it. Once the file or application you want to open appears simply press Enter and it will open. Mouse be gone! Milliseconds shaved from your life that can be used to figure out other ways to shave milliseconds from your life.

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