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Thursday, September 4, 2014

DropBox Updates

DropBox released some new updates today that are pretty cool. The best one is the 'Share Link' option. If you have a file or a folder you can control-click on it within your DropBox folder and you'll get a new option to Share a Link. It opens up a new tab in your browser that allows people to download a file or view the contents of a folder (very similar to DropLR). This is great for sharing files with someone (they can view, not edit) or letting see something in a folder, like pictures.

(slow 80s solo movie clap) "Well played, DropBox. Well played."

Also, Microsoft debuted its SkyDrive today (7Gb free storage, 25Gb if you have a Windows Live ID and sign up quick)...but it's Microsoft and DropBox is currently better than SkyDrive). Oh, and it only works on Lion machines, 10.7.

And, why not? Google just debuted it's Google Drive today with 5Gb of free storage. I've taken a spin with Google Drive and I like it.

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