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Thursday, September 4, 2014

One Click, Multiple URLs

I'm always looking for Cool Tools and ways to make presenting information to my kids easier and more efficient. A while ago I wrote about a few websites that let you take a bunch of websites and make them easily available to your students (or colleagues). The idea is that they click on one link and it either opens all of the web sites or allows them to scroll through the web sites you want them to see. BridgeURL is one of those tools but it has a neat interface that shows you the actual website on in the middle and on the sides it gives you arrows to move to the other sites and a pop-out button to make them full screen.

You can also display your links on one page and when they click on the links they open up in new tabs. Nice.

One application I can think of is in my Moodle course I want the students to be able to open Moodle but also open a few other web sites that have information they need to be researching. BridgeURL gives me a way to make that happen. Give it a spin.

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