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Friday, September 26, 2014

Online Library Access for WSD Staff

All students in WSD have online access to the North Central Regional Library's website to borrow digital materials and use resources such as Homework Help and other services.  But until recently WSD Staff didn't have access (or I didn't know they had access).  For staff to access the materials they must have the NS# which is available from each building's office manager (hint: it's the same number you might use to buy lunch in the cafeteria).

In order to login they'll have to visit the page but they can't use the login on the top of the page.  Instead here is the login process:

Login process
  • Staff should click on the "Digital Media" tab
  • Staff can then choose one of the resources toward the bottom, like Overdrive
  • At this point, staff can click on "Sign in" on the top-right
  • Then they will be asked to enter their library card number and PIN
  • Here staff can enter their NS# for BOTH login and password, it's also case-sensitive, PLUS they must include the NS at the beginning
  • Example: Library Card Number = NS12345, PIN = NS12345

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